Arcaea New Dimension Rhythm Game v3.12.6 MOD (Unlock all song packages) APK

Descriptions :

One of the perfectly blended blends just for you comes from Arcaea. This is a rhythm game of a whole new dimension that promises players a unique experience. Here one seems to lose oneself in a fairy kingdom with deep tones. The arcade style gameplay is both difficult and easy to create a lot of excitement for the players once they get here. Now shake and control your screen in a competitive war with the remaining beautiful girls.


Arcaea is a rhythm game with innovative new music. There is also a story here about two young girls; You are lost in a totally destroyed world with the same name as the game. This is no ordinary world, but it contains the ruins, the remnants of the past. The deeper they sink, the more mysterious things they realize with conflicting views, and finding the lost creature is not easy. With the development of the plot, the player must come up with an intelligent way of playing to be able to help this world get rid of Yin's conflicts and bring it back to a peaceful life as before, especially to bring in the existing light regular pattern that returns to its original aura. In addition, the players play an essential role when it comes to developing ideas and giving them impetus to create new musical energy for a great adventure.


The game is inspired by legendary music games like Guitar Hero or most recently Tapsonic, so Arcaea also has a completely similar gameplay. Before participating in the challenge, the player is allowed to play a comedy in the music library. Upon launch, the player must not overlook the black dots running across the screen as the words represent the musical notes in the song. The higher the music, the faster the speed, so the player has to concentrate. To successfully complete each level you need to perform simple operations on your touch screen by touching, holding and sliding each black note as they move down the screen. If the player wants to get a high score and improve his position in the leaderboard, he must make sure not to miss a single note and hit it at the right time. Upon successful completion, the game will automatically calculate the score and save it in the Success Score.


Coming to this game, players can plunge into bright songs and quarrel in a world full of ruins. You can enjoy more than 160 songs in many different genres and styles, especially the performances of more than 100 famous artists in other games. Each track is fully illustrated with different images. In addition, players can also use the music library to update and expand it in many new ways. To experience more levels of buddy development and develop more skills in each gameplay, Arcaea also offers a variety of difficulty levels. Specifically, each song is divided into three groups of slow to medium and finally fast. Therefore, players need to prepare a certain concentration and practice regularly to overcome these problematic routes. Show your courage to improve your position in the leaderboard with many other players.


In this version, the manufacturer has also updated many new elements to provide more varied gameplay. An improved in-game progression system, completely different from the previous version, allows players to unlock newer songs, including five songs, adding many new partners Shirahime to make it interactive, and most importantly, offers a new storyline with many fine ones Details that is attractive and equally entertaining.


Not only that, the highlight and always appreciated by every gamer in this game probably lies in the image quality. Players will enjoy their fighting style in a vivid and magical environment. The characters are presented prominently and in detail. In addition, since it is a music game, the sound also plays an important role and it has been successfully portrayed to make the game more attractive and appealing.

Features :

* Satisfied with the music game through the extremely impressive dimensional rhythm.
* Experience the endless arcade rhythm style from highly talented artists.
* Enjoy the rhythm of the music reverberating with every low note thanks to your swipe gestures and touches of the ring.
* More than 160 songs from more than 100 artists with three unlimited levels are waiting for players.
* Adding illustrations will help you feel the music better and better understand the story you are about to conquer.

Arcaea MOD features:

All unlocked


You cannot download paid songs.

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