Ala Mobile GP Formula racing v5.0 MOD (Unlocked) APK

Ala Mobile GP Formula racing v5.0 MOD (Unlocked) APK

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Developer :
CVi Games

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Descriptions :

Ala Mobile GP - Formula cars racing - racing car simulator that takes the player to the circuits of Formula 1. The game has excellent three-dimensional graphics, multiple camera views, realistic physics and a damage model. Users expect a memorable race full of speed and adrenaline. To get on the first podium, you need to skillfully drive the car on the track, avoiding collisions with other participants and overtaking in time. Team members should also be able to listen to the radio there and call in pit stops from time to time.


When you press the gas pedal, try to be the fastest, which will make you overtake all opponents. This is also one of the most important points to be the fastest on the track. Use your skills to steer the car left and right, step on the brake or pedal, keep the highest wheel temperature in the last lap and accelerate quickly to reach the finish line. Maneuver and defeat the fastest opponents to dominate the race, the characteristics of the racing car should be fully exploited. At the moment you take off the accelerator, concentrate so hard that you do not cross the line, stand at an allowable level and quickly accelerate after the start command. Try to get as close to the starting line as possible; Little things like this can also push you to dominate the race. Look at the car clock and check it carefully before driving. The howl of the exhaust pipe threatens to explode, ready to go forward to take you to the finish line.


The game offers players more than 20 F1 cars for players. You can choose the car you like and upgrade it to the most powerful one to create your favorite car. There are many tracks for the racers, well-arranged and beautiful tracks in many countries around the world. Players can customize car color, upgrade engines, interior and many other things to make your car as unique as possible. Your vehicles or warriors will be modified by many different tire types, with 5 different tires for players to use in each race. Depending on the weather situation, the track terrain or the shape of the track plan, the player chooses the most suitable tire. If you decide, the right tire is one of the advantages for the player to win. Players should set racing strategies carefully, in each segment you should maintain a different speed, accelerate at the starting point, and accelerate quickly when reaching the finish line.


The counting time in the race you are participating in is similar to real time. You lose real time with the corresponding race time, and players gradually feel the authenticity in it. The goal of every racer is to become number 1 and it is so glorious that everyone is fascinated and tries to practice to achieve this worthy position. The champion is included in the international ranking. Everyone will hear your call, one of the proudest things any racer wants to achieve. The images in the game are drawn in great detail and subtly, and the colors are adorned very carefully, clearly showing the race track and terrain, the trees and the surrounding audience. This detail makes the game the most realistic as the scenes are laid out along the track. Also, the game attracts many wonderful and powerful F1 cars for players to choose from. The player is free to change the color with many customizations like capacity, size, tires and the interior of the car to make the car extremely different.


The sound effects in the game are excellently expressed, the exhaust sound of the exhaust growl, the sound of the car starting, the sound of the audience cheering all the way. After hearing the sound, press the accelerator pedal to accelerate. The background sounds are dynamically inserted into the race to the finish line, adding even more excitement to the players. The competing cars swept forward to create a series of beautiful sounds, whether you are calm and brave enough to control the car to reach the first goal or not. Users immediately download the application to their phones to experience together the most attractive races in the world, the driving stages that delight the eyes of the players. Your hours of entertainment will be great with our gaming hands. I hope this game will get a lot of recognition from users. If you have something that needs comments or ratings

Features :

* 20 customizable formula cars;
* 15 REAL circuits from around the world;
* Exciting AI for big challenges!
* 5 different tire types for different handling;
* Pit Stop: decide your strategy and gain an advantage over your rivals;
* Real* time damage;
* Team radio;
* One goal: 1st place!
* Global Leaderboards;

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