Age of Wushu Dynasty v30.0.8 MOD (Mana/No Skill Cooldown) APK + DATA

Descriptions :

The martial arts school in the era of the Wushu Dynasty begins a new school year. Many people applied for the opportunity to study in this talented school. You are one of the heroes who took these courses and now you want to face the great challenge that the game offers. You will join your friends to do certain competitions or maybe random challenges that the game arranges for you.


As a hero with many years of experience, join the martial arts school in Age of Wushu Dynasty. This also proves that you have been properly educated in this school. The interesting point is that now you have more valuable lessons to learn, and also get a lot of challenges right in the game itself. The game takes place in a kingdom and has magnificent palaces.

Join your friends to get exposure to martial arts environment very early. This shaped your personality as well as your mature personality. It would help if you practice a lot to be able to fight with other fearsome enemies. With your current ability, you should improve your skills and emphasize your own physical strength.


You have to learn a lot of experience and lessons from the great masters in Age of Wushu Dynasty. The battle will really open and you will compete with all your friends. The most exciting thing is that you will know what you are missing and what excellent lessons you still have to add in the rounds. This is the only way you can develop your strengths.

Hand-to-hand combat with friends and masters will be to your advantage. Score points with the master by making the most crucial moves. Thanks to the teachers who comment on your actions, you will receive the most sincere compliments. Use a weapon you're good at to battle all your friends and show them you really have what it takes to be a hero.


With this knowledge, you should share it with the new juniors at your school. They should also highlight the critical keynotes and practice them together. Many things can be learned from your juniors that will help you in the future. Passing on such an experience, you can earn points from the teachers of this school and become a hero with all aspects. As you train your juniors, you'll get even more intriguing upgrades.

As a result, Age of Wushu Dynasty gives you noble titles that you want in this masterpiece. A hero with enough power and skill to hit larger enemies. This school will teach you valuable lessons and prepare you to become a hero of the times. Use the opportunities to fight and interact with the world around you.

Features :

* Become an elite hero with enough talent and strength to fight with friends.
* Always create a dynamic learning space, this is the environment to enjoy.
* Face the unexpected challenges required by the game or duel with your friends.
* Demonstrate all the skills and abilities you have learned and used successfully.
* Learn more and more from the masters to draw a range of other outstanding skills.
* Teach foundational lessons and train your juniors to become elite heroes.

last words

Reach level 20, most main game modes are open and you will experience the virtual world of Age of Wushu Dynasty. For skills, players find two to three skills they want and practice. The game begins with the sect's ability power, enough for you to complete difficult tasks at this point.

The most important thing is to find a lot of new skill parts, combine them and level them up. To find a skill piece in the martial arts menu, the game guides players where to get this item. The farm requires you to get three stars or more on all levels. Completing this requirement every day can automatically collect significant resources.

The above are the basic instructions for those who have just entered the Age of Wushu Dynasty MOD APK. It's a game that uses extreme 3D graphics from a virtual dream scene to create a highly detailed character.

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