AdVenture Capitalist v8.16.0 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Descriptions :

AdVenture Capitalist (Unlimited Money) - Have you ever dreamed of becoming the richest man in the world? If yes, then this game is created for you, become the most successful and richest, invest in your business and promote it, hire workers and build new buildings where you will work a certain number of people. Have a steady income that you don't have to work, collect the money and buy the most expensive cars and villas on the outskirts. Very popular clicker game from the famous developer, you can't put on an hour of gameplay.

A strangely addictive idle game

Players have a small amount of money for a few dollars to invest. It seems a bit absurd for just a few dollars how we can make hundreds, billions of dollars in sales. You don't have to worry if you don't know how to play. Just touch the icons on the screen, from investment, business, production...everything else is self-service based on your needs. Player's investment funds are automatically saved in-game for you to track as often as possible and invest more if you wish. With a large number of products from fast food to fruits to drinks, everything can be a source of raw materials Discover a new paradise for your path to success. You can have different parts make multiple products at the same time. This not only helps businesses to have more items, but also to make more money. In order to have a successful business, it is advisable to hire talented people to work for you. So the game offers a set of managers with special details for the investor that you can choose. Take a close look at managers' salaries because the money they bring to their company is not small.

interface and graphics

The sound is used in AdVance Capitalist to bring freshness and harmony, suitable for those who want to find business opportunities and entertainment. Not only that, the characters are quite eye-catching and the contrasting colors seem very personable. Players who have money can build their own multinational corporations, buy land or merge other companies with their parent company. In addition, the game also allows you to upgrade and improve your products to increase sales and increase stock prices. In addition, AdVance Capitalist organizes events for investors as players to have the opportunity to show their talents and get new rewards. Contrary to realism, investing on other planets is a tough challenge. But with this game, building your first business empire on the moon will be a big step in your career.

Sum up

It can be said that Advance Capitalist MOD is a game that is very suitable for those who love to make money and always want to become a rich trader. Just a passion and a connected phone, you can master the big companies, the huge production lines that only the new tycoons in the real world can make. Welcome young investors with entrepreneurial insight into the capitalist world in AdVance Capitalist.

Features :

Simple but addicting idle gameplay

The game has relatively simple gameplay that makes it much more accessible. Therefore, players can easily familiarize themselves with the features. All options are neatly listed on the interface so you can access them at any time.

And most importantly, the game comes with the idle-click mechanic that will keep your work to a minimum. Aside from that, you can be the real boss, spending your precious time thinking about how to get rich and the money will be generated automatically for you to collect, even with a single lemonade stand.

Have someone to manage your business for you

Speaking of which, so you don't have to work on managing your businesses, the game also features useful characters that you can hire to help you with your work. Each character has unique and different traits that allow them to have different effects on your business. Choose the right managers for different companies and they will lead them to success. Return to the game only to collect your winnings and think about your next steps.

Attract new and famous investors with your ideals and beliefs

And in order to make yourself more recognizable among entrepreneurs, it is important that you have a unique mindset and a clear plan for developing your business. Make smart decisions to help your business thrive.

Attract investors to your company with your ideals and beliefs. Show them a clear and simple way to make easy money. As you attract more famous investors, your companies will gain prestige and popularity. Therefore, better products, production chains, managers, etc. are required.

Unlock and equip new customizations

Along with the recruitable characters, Adventure Capitalist also features awesome customizations you can make to boost your stats and give you a whole new set of skills. Boost your business by dressing nicely. Attract people's attention for your style as well as your intelligence.

Varied difficulties to guide you through your journey

Players from different backgrounds can all play in Adventure Capitalist as the game features a progressive level system that takes you from simple to more complex business affairs. Therefore, you probably won't feel overwhelmed by the amount of information.

AdVenture Capitalist MOD features:

Unlimited Money: Gold/Tickets are unlimited.

how to use

You can use gold coins and tickets to buy items and upgrades even if there aren't enough.

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