AdVenture Ages Idle Clicker v1.18.0 MOD (Free Shopping) APK

Descriptions :

AdVenture Ages takes us back in time with daring quests for players to master. This is a modern simulation game; Players have the opportunity to become great heroes with huge fortunes. Our unique mission is to restore the remnants of ancient society while speeding up the treasure hunt and successfully unlocking these great gods. Come to the land of this time and master the significant challenges that are presented.


In the adventurous ages, the great ancient civilizations disappeared without a trace. Strangely, none of the creators of the Wheel of Time can be restored. But it was you who stood up to make sure you could do this with fresh ideas. What's more interesting is that you want all the gods to make all their efforts to create great miracles and restore the forgotten timeline.

This takes a lot of time and is quite difficult. But with your will everything will have a solution. They are now beginning the restoration of the long-damaged ship of life. Each compartment is an area that can support the safe operation of the ship. You must ask all the gods to come and restore everything in this ship together.


After the ship is back to normal, you will have adventures everywhere. Part of this is looking at the fallen civilizations and the other part is capturing the valuable items found in AdVenture Ages. You can get your own rich treasures and become the richest tycoon. You'll have quite a bit of gold and silver in your hand, and you'll have plenty more places like this to explore.


It's time for you to awaken the gods and the only way is to use gold and silver to successfully unlock it. This requires us to complete enough challenges to collect a large amount of money that can be opened easily. When all the gods are present, you get the role of the most prominent king. AdVenture Ages provides you with a series of lists of places to visit and tasks to complete in order to best complete them.

Features :

Agents can find heroes, XP, and gems in capsules. Agents can collect capsules by completing missions and visiting the store to receive free gifts every day. Capsules give the resources needed to climb the ranks and become the greatest agent of all time!Gems are an Agent's most valuable currency and are used to purchase XP, Capsules, and time jumps to aid in an Agent's development through the ranks! Also great for competitive agents looking to top the leaderboards in AdVenture Agency's limited-time events.Collect historical heroes from Joan of Arc to Abraham Lincoln to increase the production of a resource. Each hero has powers that make them unique. Increase these modifiers by recruiting and leveling up heroes:
* Speed: Automates and accelerates a specific resource or line of business
* Chance: The probability that an industry will produce bonus output.
* Production: Increases the production output of a specific resource or industry.
* Cost: Decreases the acquisition cost of a specific industry.
* Upgrade: Gain additional population when you upgrade your time machine

AdVenture Ages MOD features

Cost from 0 – 9999
Free Scientist Card
High comrade multiplier

Last words about AdVenture Ages Idle Clicker

In short, if you find a new difficult game in millions of mobile games available today, I still recommend you try AdVenture Ages. I promise it will be a weird one you have never tried before. Try it now and tell me what you think of this fun game.

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How to Download and Install AdVenture Ages Idle Clicker?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.