RTS Siege Up Medieval War v1.1.102r25 MOD (Unlimited Resources) APK

RTS Siege Up Medieval War -
A quality representative of the real-time strategy genre that offers the player the opportunity to test the skills of a commander and leader. The user will be able to build a city to develop and protect. The development of the settlement will be done by the forces of the workers and the use of the mining resources in the form of wood, stone and food. Also, the player has to build his army consisting of infantry, spearmen and other combat units. Such an army will not only offer protection, but also become a decisive argument in enemy-held campaigns.

How to play
When you first start the game, you will be introduced to a hooded soldier on a huge island. This man will walk you through all the basics.

First, you are presented with your main task: explore the island and gather resources. You must send out your own peasants to gather food to sustain your community.

Sending out scouts will also warn you of pirates attempting to attack. At this point, you must defend your territory at all costs.

Everything else is pretty easy to understand. Basic management stuff: build, upgrade, collect resources, rinse and repeat.

User interface
The user interface is also easy to understand. Each menu is displayed on the screen with an icon for easy viewing. What's more, the controls are as simple as tapping your screen. From this point on, your soldiers will fight for you without having to do anything but watch

Build the strong army to protect the kingdom
A war is an inevitable thing with your kingdom. The different kingdoms will want to expand their lands. So you have to build a strong army to protect your kingdom from the wars. In RTS Siege Up you can train many people for different tasks. Archers are effective against lightly armored units. Heavy swordsmen are almost invulnerable to archers. Knights (cavalry) are effective against archers and catapults. You can also craft many weapons and transports. For example, Ballista is effective against catapults and can be conveniently attached to walls for defense during a siege. Catapults can destroy the walls. The catapult projectile can damage all objects in the destruction radius. So you shouldn't use the catapults while your soldiers are fighting. The warship will come in handy for attacking objects on land. The character, weapon or vehicle have different prices. Let's think carefully before you decide to buy anything.

The good strategy game is for many people
Simple 3D graphics and vivid sound are elements that help players experience the game better. Also, with RTS Siege Up you can relax anywhere, since the game does not require a connection to the Internet. In addition, the variety of building and army helps the player create the kingdom for themselves. Build the medieval castle with stone or wood walls. Train the melee soldiers, the archers or the cavalry without artificial timers. Gather the resources and develop the economy. And you don't have to worry about losing progress thanks to an autosave system. Let's build the mighty kingdom.

In addition, players must also protect your kingdom from the attacks of the different kingdoms. The game allows you to give orders to any unit or whole army. You have to build the army according to the plan and complete different types of missions in the campaign. So you need good skills and strategies. This will help you improve management skills and analytical ability. Let's install RTS Siege Up and experience the interesting things.

* Medieval castles with walls made of stone and wood!
* Build catapults and other war machines to breach the walls!
* Archers, melee and cavalry are ready to defend your fortress.
* Naval units, fishing boats and ships
* Capture and protect mines to get strategic resources
* Comfort micromanagement in full 3D
* Save/load game and autosave
* Different types of missions in the campaign!
* Custom game with random bots
* Play in portrait or landscape mode!
* Can be played offline

RTS Siege Up Mod APK Free Download
You can also download RTS Siege Up Mod APK latest version for Android if you want to enjoy some extra benefits. The modified version comes with a few additions and shortcuts to quickly build your stronghold. We ask, why go through tedious processes when you can get what you want instantly?

So when you get the modified APK file, you will be rewarded with:

* Access to the free RTS Siege Up Mod APK upgrade for your building.
With unlimited money, you don't have to worry about grinding for cash. You can start right away by purchasing the resources required to progress. And with that said, RTS Siege Up Mod APK Free Download is definitely the version you want to get.

Go ahead and download now!

Download RTS Siege Up Medieval War v1.1.102r25 MOD (Unlimited Resources) APK Free