Conquer The World v1.0.1 Mod (Unlimited Money + No Ads) Apk

Description : Conquer The World
is a strategy game where players don't have a moment to hesitate. Every second should be used to calculate further actions, develop tactics, find weaknesses in the opponent's defense and eliminate their weak points before the opponent takes the opportunity. Pleasant in its palette graphics, exciting battles, a variety of maps, special skills and many other features will delight everyone who does not like long preparations and waiting times. Here you can fully develop your potential as a commander and don't need time to analyze your mistakes.
Features :
* Choose the color of your port
* Order soldiers to attack enemy castles, occupy and upgrade as many castles as possible
* Make battle plans, perfectly avoid barriers and achieve victory quickly
* Quick upgrade to unlock soldiers and barracks skills and improve those skills to improve combat effectiveness
* Link your troops in multiple bases for faster occupation
* Try to win and collect the coins to level up, speed up the production and march speed

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